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Opening to Love: Meditation Workshop at Inner Metamorphosis University, Chicago

Inner Metamorphosis University (IMU), Chicago offers "Opening to Love" another guided meditation workshop which helps in your inner growth and thereby transforming your daily lives into a more fulfilling and meaningful experience. This meditation workshop includes a number of exercises aimed at not only giving you glimpse of new inner experiences but also in helping raising consciousness and finding inner peace.
Love is a by-product of the raising consciousness; it is the shadow of awareness, of consciousness. Meditation techniques that touch the heart and raise consciousness are to prepare the inner atmosphere for love to happen.
When we think of love, most of us think of loving another person, many think of the love towards one life-partner. The foundation of love though is learning to love yourself first.
You can practice to deeply accept and respect yourself, which then naturally leads to accepting and loving all that surrounds you.
Being guided through this meditation journey allows you to connect with your essence, your inner balance, and thereby allowing you to create and nurture supportive and loving relationships in your journey through life.
In order for us to open up, to allow love to happen, it is of vital importance that the energy can flow freely through our bodies. One of the many ways to allow energy blocks to "melt" is a practice called "Chakra Breathing" in which deep, quick breathing into the chakras - the energy centres - accompanied by supportive music allows the chakras to open up. This state may be experienced as a lightness, fluidity, joyfulness, fullness and a sense of deep satisfaction.
Since everybody feels attracted to different exercises we offer a variety for you to explore and then take with you whichever you liked most:

• Flowering of the Heart Exercise: a tuning of one's breathing together with humming, sound vibration and visualization.
• Dropping Words Exercise: exploring the possibility to being silent by not only refraining from speaking, but allowing an inner silence which takes you to a place of deep relaxation.
• Mirroring Exercise: is where you learn to feel each other, to come in tune, a happening comparable to birds flying together in harmony.
• Releasing Love Exercise is where you learn to meet people without judging them, meeting them with your heart rather than with your mind.

Amona and Jeffrey are facilitating this meditation workshop, are also the founders of The Inner Metamorphosis University (IMU), Chicago. Initiated by the mystic, Bhashkar Perinchery, since 2005 IMU has established itself into a unique non-profit meditation centre in Chicago where various classes, workshops and guest events are organised for inner development all round the year. Bhashkar Perinchery has been teaching for over 30 years the art of inner growth and the 'flowering' of the human potential. "The Source of Joy Within", his most recent publication contains twelve sets of meaningful reminders; practical methods that can be applied in everyday life situations for an easygoing approach to self-growth and awareness. The Inner Metamorphosis University (IMU) is hosting the next Opening to Love workshop on April 28 1:00pm to 6:30pm. For information, registration and more activities please visit