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Five Reasons To One Own A Portable Massage Table

For stating a career as a massage therapist, one might rent a spot pay for supplies and might acquire a couple of customers, nevertheless there is definitely one huge decision which if neglected can result in very poor consumer experience and that's exactly what kind of massage table are you going to invest in? Massage tables can be classified into three basic designs: stationary, electric and portable tables. Each type of table features its own disadvantages and benefits while picking one over the other depends on a lot of aspects of which the key ones are listed below:


The key element which will probably have an impact on your choice will be the type of area you may have set up for your practice. When you've got a separate massage health spa or salon, you would be more satisfied going for the stationary or an electric massage table that does not have to be shifted often. If you might be a newcomer and consequently are sharing room or have booked a multi-use space or visit your customers then light portable massage tables can be a better option.

Type of practice

If you happen to be massage therapist on the move, visiting clients at their homes or offices, a lightweight portable massage table has got distinct benefits. Many reliable tables will come with a handy safety carry case, making them very easy to carry around. Being lightweight and simple to fold, these tables can go wherever you need to do. Simply remove them from their carry bag, snap them open, secure the recessed legs and you're ready to start! They can even be used outdoors at the beach and park if you have consumers that choose the outdoor massage experience.


Lightweight massage tables are generally less costly than stationary types. As they are created for mobility, they are lighter in weight and so the materials used in their construction are less costly. Although budget is key point, it need not end up being the solitary consideration when shopping for a table or you could end up with a low quality table that will collapse quickly and end up costing you much more.

Strength and Durability

Whilst, portable tables will not be as tough as stationary tables, there are a lot of tables, available for sales, which are usually strong and durable. Portable tables are often made with a wooden or light weight aluminum frame. Aluminum is a sturdy, light weight material that can continue for a very long time if maintained in excellent condition. When shopping for a strong table, ensure the hinges are heavy duty as this is usually the most sensitive link in the table structure.

With the wide range of possibilities in today's market, finding a table that matches ones customers and budget must not be too hard. Massage tables are definitely the backbone of the business, so choosing one for your practice is of vital relevance because it enables you to supply quality service to your consumers. Hence, before buying your own perfect professional portable massage table, you must think about every one of the above factors.