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Bernanke Bounce Has Shorts Running

Bernanke Bounce Has Shorts Running

12:10pm (EST)

There have been a lot of suit-and-ties on the tube today crying about today's rally because they are not in it or they were short. The crybabies are saying Ben Bernanke's comments after the close caught a lot of traders off guard but the truth is his comments on keeping rates low and other taper talk have them running to cover short positions.

We talked about the technical setup yesterday and we mentioned Bernanke would be speaking AFTER the close. We have also said the charts are pointing towards a breakout as long as support holds and for those they don't do their homework on a Daily and Weekly basis often blame others for their mistakes.

We still don't know if a double top is forming or if there will be a break to new all-time highs but we should have a better clue from the weekend charts. The current picture is looking like the rally could last into next week and that the S&P and Dow will join the Russell 2000 and Nasdaq in clearing fresh highs.

The Dow is currently up 142 points to 15,434 while the S&P is surging 17 points to 1,670. The Nasdaq is zooming 44 points to 3,565 and the Russell 2000 is at 1,029 - up 9 points.