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Apple (AAPL) Finally Splits Stock

12:45pm (EST)

Wall Street fretted over Apple (AAPL, $566.47, up $41.72) and Facebook (FB, $61.84, up $0.48) but we told our subscribers to hang tight as we heard the bulls playing some Seger into the close (Like a Rock). Whenever that classic is playing, something good always happens.

We nearly did a backflip after hearing the good news Apple finally split its stock. Yes, we know it doesn't really mean anything as your investment is still the same, just more shares. However, as option traders it is big-time news as it creates cheaper options.

Apple is going to split its stock 7-to-1 and shares would be trading just north of $80 at current levels. This is absolutely incredible folks and it will lead to a flood of buying this year now that water-cooler talk of the company joining the Dow. For those of you that have our option trading manual "How to Trade Options on Momentum Stocks" make sure you read the chapter on stock-splits. We will be talking a ton about Apple in the coming weeks.

As far as the company's numbers. Two words. Mind Blowing.

Apple reported a profit of $11.62 a share, or a whopping $1.44 beat! No weather worries that's for sure. The Apple TV set-top boxes are selling like hotcakes as more than 20 million are in homes. They have over 800 million iTunes users and are a stone's throw from the magical 1 billion mark.

If we keep things really simple, if every iTunes user buys an Apple TV set-top box for $100 the potential on those numbers alone are fascinating.

Tim Cook came out swinging and said "If I look broadly at the contents on Apple TV, I think it compares extremely favorable to the content that is on the Amazon box."

Let the games begin.

We could talk about Apple all day but we have some super important updates today with our current trades and we are adding 2 New Trades to the Daily portfolio. We also have new Weekly Wrap trades coming as well.

As we make the turn, the Dow is up 19 points to 16,521 while the S&P 500 is gaining 5 points to 1,880. The Nasdaq is higher by 25 points to 4,152 and the small-caps are popping a point to 1,148.