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The Next Roche-Halo Partnership- Antibiotics For Superbugs

There are 10 targets to go on the 2006 Roche- Halozyme Agreement-

Research shows that the addition of Enhanze- rhupH20- to subcutaneously delivered antibiotics improves their Maximum Concentration and Duration, making them superior to antibiotics delivered through oral, Iv , or Subcut without rhupH20 routes. Roche has declared its entry into the race for treatment of MRSA and other superbugs. They have made 3 acquisitions in this effort this year. Given the difficulty in treating these virulent and adaptive pathogens, surely the advantage that rhupH20 offers will be utilized under the agreement in force with Halozyme.

New $HALO App Antibiotics-Use of SC rhupH20 increased absorption capacity, increased the Concentration & added one hour to the duration vs SC & IV

Basis for new Antibiotic Application- Safety & pharmacokinetics of subcutaneous ceftriaxone administered with or without rHuPH20 Curr Med Res Opin

RhupH20 increases Antibiotic Max Concentration/Duration-allowing $RHHBY advantage over $CBST $CEMP $DRTX- Makes SC Antibiotics better than IV or po

Subcut has compliance and ease of administration advantages- requiring less skilled labor and lower supervision/administration costs.

"Subcut ceftriaxone admin seems to be preferred for fragile elderly patients independent of disease severity" $HALO

Roche Returns to Antibiotic Research as Superbug Threat Grows" Employing technology they used to fight Cancer- like rhupH20 SC

Disclosure: The author is long HALO.