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Are My DGI Stocks Jumping Off A Fiscal Cliff?

|About: Southside Bancshares, Inc. (SBSI), Includes: SBSI

The most boring news for DGI stalwarts is when you see a press release that a stock that you own has declared their next quarterly dividend. It's barely worth reading except when it is right around the time they announce their next expected annual dividend increase. But what do you do when within the normal verbatim they specifically add a sentence about your dividends and the Fiscal Cliff?

That just happened to me with one of my stocks last week, Southside Banchsares (NASDAQ:SBSI). The Press Release, as seen here, has several parts:

1) The quarterly dividend of $.20 per share.

2) A special dividend of $.13 per share.

3) The authority to purchase $10 million of common stock

But here's the kicker, as it is written:

"In addition, due to the potential changes in the tax code the Board approved a one time only additional cash dividend of $0.20 per share."

So not only will I get a special dividend of $.13 per share, I get an EXTRA SPECIAL dividend of $.20 per share besides. Why would a company purposely separate it out versus just saying a $.33 per share special dividend? What's the point of referencing the Fiscal Cliff and the tax code? Are there other stocks that have had press releases about their dividend and mentioned the Fiscal Cliff within the release? The real question boils down to this:

Is SBSI hinting that my dividend stream will be going down?

I really want to hear other people's take because I am not sure how to interpret the message.

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