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Kaziranga National Park – An Ultimate Destination for Wildlife Tourism in India

Kaziranga National Park is one of the most sought after and finest national parks in India. It is located in Golaghat and Nagaon districts of the Indian state of Assam. It lies on the banks of the mighty Brahmaputra River. Declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the park covers an area of approximately 430 square kilometers.

With its swamps, grasslands and tall thickets of elephant grass and it is an ideal habitat for the Great Indian One-horned Rhinoceroses. This park is worldwide famous as a perfect habitat of two-thirds of the world's Great Indian One-horned Rhinoceroses. The park also possesses the highest density of highly endangered royal Bengal tigers among protected areas in the world. In the year of 2006, it was also declared a Tiger Reserve of India. Kaziranga is also known for as an ideal habitat for large breeding populations of swamp deer, wild water buffalos, and Indian elephants. The park is also an ideal place for bird watching in India. Birdlife International for conservation for bird species has recognized it as an Important Bird Area in India.

Endowed with fantastic copious natural beauty, Kaziranga is also a perfect place for ecotourism or nature tourism in India. It has accomplished distinguished successes in wildlife conservation in the country compared to India’s other protected areas. Several books, magazines, songs and documentaries have demonstrated Kaziranga fame. Undoubtedly, this famous park of Assam is an ultimate destination for wildlife tourism in India. Here you can enjoy incredible charm of wildlife viewing, birding and nature tourism. You can see herds of Indian wild elephants roaming around here and there. You can see one-horned rhinos which are the key attractions of this park. You can enjoy birding seeing different avifaunal species. And lush greenery and peaceful ambiance will never fail to impress you.

Major animals found this park include royal Bengal tigers, one-horned rhinos, wild Asiatic water buffalos, eastern swamp deer, gaur, wild Indian elephants, sambar, deer, spotted deer, wild boar, hog deer, leopards, fishing cats, jungle cats, leopard cats, hispid hare, Indian gray mongooses, small Indian mongooses, small Indian civets, large Indian civets, Bengal foxes, sloth bear, Indian pangolins, Chinese pangolins, langurs, monkeys, Hoolock Gibbon, etc. Kaziranga is also home to different species of birds. It is home to migratory birds including water birds, predators, scavengers, and game birds.
You can enjoy best of Kaziranga National Park by exciting elephant safari. In fact, it is a popular destination for Wildlife Safari in India. So, visit Kaziranga and treasure unique lifetime experience of wildlife tourism in India.

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