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$NFLX going down but not out

It is becoming apparent that NFLX will not be independent for much longer.  After a loss of $8B in market cap, investors might not be happy with the buyout price.  Basically NFLX has lost the confidence of the financial markets (i.e., its banks) and in this era of deleveraging its voracious need for funds to pay its content providers is the cause of its demise.  the "whisper market" is focusing on Verizon, but others wonder about MSFT.  

Reed Hastings for Man of the Year?  Where do we start?  The decision to raise prices drove away a chunk of stupid royalty revenue just when the cash crunch was getting tougher.  The company split and then unsplit crushed the company's relationship with its consumers.  Can anyone remember Blockbuster?  Didn't viacom pay over $5B to buy it and sold it for less than $1B????