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Newly Released Book: The Uncertainty Advantage

A new book has just been released, that will the world of risk "outside-in."

The Uncertainty Advantage (Leadership lessons for turning risk outside-in) is written by Gary S. Lynch, a career expert in risk management and related topics. Lynch's latest book (his third) describes the process of turning uncertainty into market advantage.

As he points out, risk cannot truly be managed. However, uncertainty can be navigated by organizational leaders to create situations advantageous to the organization.

The book includes ample case histories, most from Lynch's own direct experience in risk management. He has worked with dozens of companies and government agencies to overcome problems related to market risk, and has transformed himself from "risk manager" to "uncertainty visionary."

The table of contents:


Section I: Turning Risk Outside In: A Market-Driven Strategy to Uncertainty

1 The Opportunity

2 The Landscape of Uncertainty

3 The Transformation Agenda

Section II: Principles of Execution

4 Focus: The Quest for Market Advantage Should Keep You up at Night

5 Navigation: You Cannot Manage Risk; You Can Only Navigate Uncertainty

6 Urgency: Markets Move Fast, but Organizations Do Not

7 Details: The Devil's in the Details, and This Demands Relentless Pursuit

8 Priority: Growth Trumps Risk

Epilogue: The Circle of Uncertainty

This is a must-read for anyone in business, either as an employee, manager, executive or owner. The book can be reviewed and ordered at