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Fake News And How We Can Investigate To Find The True Story

All political opinions aside, we are being assaulted these days by news that is parody, satire, or outright lies. If we simply accept these stores as true or worse yet, pass them on to others, then we are to blame just as much as the originators.

It is incredibly simple to discover which news is distorted, misrepresented or outright false. Sadly, in an age of lazy or blind acceptance of everything we see online, it is more important than ever to investigate for ourselves, and to stop blindly believing anything.

Some commonsense guidelines:

1. If you don't recognize the source, investigate further.

2. If a story seems bizarre or difficult to believe, investigate further.

3. If a story satisfies a predetermined belief, don't be blind to the need to investigate further.

Some reliable sources for checking on the validity of what you see online include: