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New Book To Be Released In 2017, "Mathematics Of Options"

My latest book is being published by Palgrave Macmillan, and will be released later this year. The title is Mathematics of Options and I am very excited about how well the process has gone, and hope to share this new work with all of you.

Here is a previous of the Table of Contents:

Introduction: The variability of derivatives trading

Chapter 1 - Trading goals and objectives

Chapter 2 - The role of fundamental and technical analysis

Chapter 3 - Pricing of the option

Chapter 4 - The dividend effect

Chapter 5 - Return calculations

Chapter 6 - Strategic payoff: The single-option trade

Chapter 7 - Strategic payoff: Spreads

Chapter 8 - Strategic payoff: Straddles

Chapter 9 - Probability and risk

Chapter 10 - Option pricing models

Chapter 11 - Alternatives to pricing models

Appendix: Formulas



Overall, you will find over 90 figures and tables, more than 100 bibliography entries, over 130 end notes, and more than 150 formulas.