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"The Mathematics Of Options" Is About To Be Released


dozens of options formulas are in the book, fully explained

well-cited with authoritative sources

numerous illustrations, charts and graphs

includes payoff diagrams and formulas for every strategy: profit, loss, and breakeven

Mathematics of Options is being this month and is now available for pre-ordering. This book is designed as a practical guide for options traders, and includes analysis of every strategy's profit, loss and breakeven points, payoff diagrams, return calculations including dividend and capital gain consideration, analysis of implied and historical volatility, price models and alternatives, and much more.

Table of contents:

Introduction: The variability of derivatives trading

Chapter   1 - Trading goals and objectives

Chapter   2 - The role of fundamental and technical analysis

Chapter   3 - Pricing of the option

Chapter   4 - The dividend effect

Chapter   5 - Return calculations

Chapter   6 - Strategic payoff: The single-option trade

Chapter   7 - Strategic payoff: Spreads

Chapter   8 - Strategic payoff: Straddles

Chapter   9 - Probability and risk

Chapter 10 - Option pricing models

Chapter 11 - Alternatives to pricing models

Appendix: Formulas



This book can be ordered now at Mathematics of Options