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Google Maps - Stock

Google Maps Description

Google Maps are hard to believe. They're extremely perceptive, well-made, interactive, and consist of remarkable search capabilities. At the same time as there are various obstacles, the site is the only place to be used if you're in search for routes or else maps of anyplace. Google Maps in addition make provision for above ground photos in remarkable feature designed for a lot of areas and traffic information used for main roads within most important metropolitan areas. Google Maps is an important, consistent, and dependable web service application which makes locating places exceedingly easy. For that reason, it is suggested to everybody who wishes for the search of places and exploring new-fangled areas transversely the planet. The application can also be used for making search of addresses, streets, cities and towns, Business regions, geographical features, user produced contents, directions of driving; to mention some. Consequently, the site stumbles on huge possibility in the day-to-day routine life of the whole human being.



Review - Google Maps

Google Maps is considered the most excellent next generation feature in online mapping. Their exploration is stylish as well as perceptive, and anyone can make search for presently on the subject of anything - the location of a business or place of interest, an address, or a city and town and as a result an eye-catching map will pop up. The map is without problems zoomed while either using the mouse or keystrokes of the keyboard or mobile devices and thus, the road names and outlines are crisply put on view. Tracks are understandable as a fact of following the paths in bright lines. Anyone ought to be impressed with such invention. Google Maps is the sole place to go now in order to get the correct route of the place, address, or driving directions; the inventors indeed did an immense job and the site will for sure transform in a constant way!



  • Exceptional search capabilities - extremely spontaneous!
  • Visually illustrative maps.
  • Maps are incorporated with several keys: parks, airports, hospitals, malls, and supplementary points of interest.
  • Aerial pictures of the street as well as traffic information are other interesting features.


  • The site has difficulties in understanding that users want to see new region.
  • Occasionally Postal Codes or ZIP Codes are necessary to make the Google Maps site comprehend what is really the need.


Product summary for Mobile

The good: Searches reveal relevant information such as phone numbers and addresses; easy pan and zoom features; lets you find types of businesses in a particular area; step-by-step driving directions; click-to-dial feature in Google Local for Mobile.

The bad: Google Local for Mobile works only on Java-enabled phones, leaving Verizon users in the cold, and you'll need a data service plan for your phone, which will put you out $60 to $80 per month.

The bottom line: Google Local and Local for Mobile give you a handy visual view of locations you're interested in, plus let you search the surrounding areas for other items of interest.


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