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Selecting a destination in Google Map

There are multiple modes to proceed about choosing a destination; there is no consolidated “Where to?” choice on the phone. Listed underneath are some of the modes you can manage it, along with remarks on how well they work:

Google seek (voice) – Found on both the Home computer display and Car Home on my Droid. The voice seek is great. It doesn’t habitually work, but it gets the query right most of the time. If you don’t like the outcome, strike Cancel and you’ll get a register of alternate outcomes (“Did you mean?”).


Otherwise, get outcomes, tap the address and you’ll be offered with a computer display inquiring if you desire to entire the activity utilizing your Browser (WTF?) or Maps. Check the carton to make this the default and select Maps. You’re then offered with an choices computer display, glimpsed at left, that will permit you to select auto, pedestrian or mass transit options. Click Go and you’re off. When it works, it’s one of the easiest modes to go in a destination. Here’s a tilt though. Be certain to preface your voice seek with “Navigate to.” Otherwise you’re probable to end up with Web results.


You may find it cooperative to fine melody your query. When I sought for a localized food shop string of connections (“Navigate to Ingles”), I got the village of Ingles, VA. Once I altered my query to “navigate to Ingles, Asheville, NC,” it hammered it.


Contacts – Open the Contacts app, choose a communicate, choose View Address, tap the bubble on the chart, and tap Navigate (five steps). You will then get the computer display shown at right, which devotes you an opening to preview the main headings in a turn-by-turn register or on the map.

Typing an address – From Car Home, tap Navigation (faster). Or open the Google Map submission, strike the Menu button and choose Directions (slower). Now tap the End Point area and start typing. A agony in the butt on a little keypad.


Shortcuts – Unfortunately you can’t set a communicate as a very well liked, so this is the best alternate, though since it takes up dwelling computer display space you may desire to restrict it to dwelling and work (you could put them in a folder but then they are another tap away). Also note that you have to depart vehicle dwelling to take benefit of this method.


From a dwelling computer display, long press and choose Shortcuts, then Directions. One phrase of warning. Once you manage this, verify that it is routing you to the right address. I set up a shortcut for locations for a inn and another place travelled to for a journey to Charlotte, only to find out that it couldn’t path me to either one time on the street (I got “did you mean…”).
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