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Features of Google Map

When you signal up with Google Map, an API key will be generated. Make certain you save this key as you will require it for all Google Map submissions that you evolve for the specific URL book or direction that was specified. In supplement to the API key, Google will furthermore develop a demonstration Web sheet centralized on the Palo Alto locality (in the locality of the Google headquarters). You can exact duplicate and paste the HTML and JavaScript developed into a simple text document, save it to internet server book or directions you particular when you developed the key, and then brandish the chart in your Web browser. Most persons believe of Google Map in periods of finding a location or enterprise, or getting main headings from one issue to another. Others use the satellite pictures and terrain mapping features. But there are tons of other values out there for Google Map. From mapping the climate and report to mapping things that aren’t charts at all, like paintings or publications, Google Map has many to offer. And there are free devices accessible out there for those who desire to use the Google Map API without managing a assortment of coding. Here are more than 100 of the best mashups and devices out there right now.


Map Overlays
A chart overlay mentions to a issue or polyline that is supplemented on peak of the Google Map. Points (GPoint) are the most widespread kind of overlay and are mentioned to as markers (GMarker). Polylines (GPolyline), created of two or more points connected simultaneously by a vector line, can furthermore be supplemented to a map.

GPoint (-96.4523, 30.5356)

GPoint and GMarker are utilized in conjunction to conceive issue markers that can be contrived on a Google Map. An example of GPoint comprises a lone, two-dimensional coordinate, while GMarker is a kind of chart overlay that displays an icon at an example of GPoint.


GPolyline values two or more examples of GPoint to conceive a vector line between the two points. The vector lines developed by GPolyline can be conceived in diverse colors, weights, and transparency.

Google Map Polygons?
At this time, Google Map does not supply the proficiency to develop factual polygons, but I suppose that this will change in the beside future as the API becomes more robust. However, a third-party developer, XMaps, presents this functionality in its XMaps Library, which is a Google Map API Extension. This library is in pre-release and can be downloaded from their site.

Reading XML Files
Google Map furthermore encompasses the proficiency to download, open and read XML documents through the addition of the GXmlHttp class that conceives a cross-browser XmlHttpRequest instance. The significance of this proficiency often arrives into play when it becomes essential to read in multiple points of interest. You could shop your points of concern along with the coordinates that find those points in an XML document or auto-generate an XML document from the database where your points of concern are stored.
Google Map
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