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Basic of Google Map

I am certain that most of you have learned about or have had a possibility to use Google Map. It's a large service and I was actually influenced by the responsiveness of the submission and the alleviate with which users could pull and zoom charts from a Web browser. It has in numerous modes proclaimed the appearance of AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), which I am certain will revitalize Web development in the days to come.

What makes the service even better is the accessibility of the Google Map API (Application Programming Interface) as a free Beta service. The API permits developers to embed Google Map in their made-to-order applications. It furthermore permits them to overlay data on the chart and customize the chart to their needs. As I compose this item there are rather a couple of sites that utilize Google Map, and more and more of them are seeming by the day.

The API by itself is attractive clear-cut and so straightforward to use; although, it needs the developer to have a good order of JavaScript because it extensively relies on client-side Java scripting. In this item we will be looking at construction a made-to-order ASP.NET server command that would permit a .NET developer to harness the power of Google Map in the code-behind model. We will glimpse how to complete most of the functionality revealed by Google Map utilizing this command, and we'll furthermore glimpse how to facts and numbers join the command, thereby permitting developers to effortlessly construct data-driven made-to-order ASP.NET Web applications. The command would eradicate the require for the developer to compose any JavaScript to complete most of the Google Map functionality.

Some Google Map Basics
Before we get into the minutia of the ASP.NET command, let's gaze at the basics of the Google Map API. A comprehensive recount of the API can be discovered at the google website. The first step before utilizing Google Map is to list for a key with Google Map application sign in. This is wholeheartedly free and barely takes a couple of minutes. Each Web location that values Google Map has to have its own key. Make certain that you proceed through Google's Terms of Use at the documentation part in the website before you start utilizing Google Map in your application.

Google comprises an example of the chart as a "GMap" object. It is rendered as a div tag on the page. Once you have the chart, it is likely to add controls to the map. Some of the accessible controls are the GMapType command that assists to toggle between the distinct outlooks, namely chart outlook, satellite outlook, and eventually, the hybrid outlook that is a blend of chart and satellite views. The other controls that are generally glimpsed on the chart are the ones utilised to add scrolling and zooming capability to the map. At the time of composing of this item, there are three distinct controls available:

  • GLargeMapControl: A large command for scrolling and zooming
  • GSmallMapControl: Similar to the preceding one, but eradicates the zoom scale bar
GSmallZoomControl: Includes only Zooming controls
Google Map
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