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"Bash and Cover" The New "Pump and Dump"

|Includes: GURE, PUDA

We are seeing a new kind of "pump and dump" its called "bash and cover".  We have outlined this procedure extensively on our site

This is a new era for investors and auhorities and I am sure they are monitoring and tracking such information.  We really see no difference in these styles of investing or market manipulation.

In one case the investors are the bag holders as they own stock that was pumped up.

In the other "hit piece research" scammers put out manipulative and market moving pieces of information to smash a stock hurting all shareholders. 

Other times in the "Bash and Cover" the manipulators are actually using inside information such as SAT filings, and information that is materially different than SEC filings to trade in the security prior disclosing and also often putting price targets of zero on the securities to move the stock price in their direction.

Rejoice as another great day has begun.