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Hit Piece Authors Prove Your Innocence

Hit Piece authors have taken a turn for the worse.  They have shown no concern for the law and no concern for the harm they are causing to the average citizen. The front running and timing of these market moving hit pieces are a frequent occurrence in today's markets and are driven purely by greed by those with no qualm about operating within the scope of the law. 

To discuss such activity we will be drafting a five piece article that we plan to publish with a major news agency in the very near future.

We will focus on three things:
1) The need for transparency.  These hit piece authors want transparency so do the average citizens investing in the markets.  Each hit piece "research" author should have to sign a disclaimer with proof of identity saying they are not trading within 30 days pre and post such issuance of an article.  (i.e. We have requested this information from Waterstone Retail and Aaron Stackhouse the latest of hit piece authors - we will discuss this in the article as its very interesting to see the latest developments).

2) The need for verification.  These authors claim they are helping investors then it should be that they can not put a research report with 15 items in the report without at least questioning management prior to such release as often 14 of the items appear to be pure interpretation or easily explainable issues.  If there is an issue with the company and the company will not address themselves than the authors should feel free to discuss publicly, but if material they should know its illegal to trade on it.

3) The use of front running and definition of market moving research.  We believe everyone needs an education on such information.  We plan to discuss this in detail in the article and point out how firms like Kerrisdale, Waterstone, and so on continually violate the law. 

We look forward to furthering our research on the topics and will be reaching out to such firms for quotes and comments prior to the article being published.