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My Baidu Experience (Baidu Bookstore tour)

|Includes: Baidu, Inc. (BIDU), GOOG

Today I took the time to tour around Baidu. To be honest, I was really impressed by its functionalities, services, and stock price growth. As matter of fact, I am a big fan of Google Serive for years. However I've found that Baidu has outperformed Google in many ways, in terms of services, stock prices, and products. Other competitors, such as Sina and Sohu, don't have quite the same comparative advantages as Baidu. To sum it up for the services they provide independently, I would have to say that they are not on the same level.  

As I was spending time browsing through Baidu services, one thing caught my attention right away and that thing is Baidu bookstore. Baidu recently lauched its online bookstore, even though, the volume of book selections are still less than what Google offers, but the good thing is, books in Baidu bookstore are very affordable. Average price on each book costs around $1 to $2 dollars. (Yea, I am talking about USD, what a bargain!) After I put one book in the shopping cart and ready to check out, I was asked to type in my username and password. Then, I found out that I need to download a privacy, anti-virus software that is made by Baidu. WOW, I mean WOW. After the tour, I realized that Baidu is taking problems, such as book piracy and online security, very seriously and postively. This really shows its determination to be there for its users and customers.Therefore, I think Baidu is a company that actually listen to its customers and users. 


Unlike Baidu, on the Google conference call for Q1, soon after breifing about Google's financial status, Larry Page, the new CEO and co-founder of Google, took off and went home without taking any the questions from the analysts. Some analysts blamed this incident on his shyness. This incident really makes me a lot, if he is really, what analysts called it, too shy, how is he going to manage a company with many senior VPs, directors that are much older and far more experienced than him?  


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Disclosure: I am long BIDU.