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Apple iPod shuffle 2 GB Silver

Apple iPod shuffle 2 GB Silver is a handy music player:

For the music enthusiast or simply for the one who enjoys the sound of a good song, the perfect device has come your way. Take note of the Apple iPod shuffle 2 GB Silver. This is a handy music player that fit for playing and shuffling your music.

It might not be as sophisticated with its other relatives or the other music players in Apple’s line, this may be the most affordable in all of them. Priced only at about $50 or less, this is already a good buy for some. One set back of the Apple iPod shuffle 2 GB Silver is that you don’t have a screen to look at. But this is where the beauty of the item lies in. In its ability to shuffle all your available songs so you get to listen to all of them and not stick to only the favorites over and over again.

Make use this VoiceOver feature on Apple iPod shuffle 2 GB Silver:

And to answer your need for just a little bit of organization, you can make use of the VoiceOver feature. With this button, you will be able to hear the music that is playing, the artist, the menu and the status of the battery as well.

Even if you are thinking that 2GB can be a little too small, it may be enough for some as it can be able to store up to hundreds of songs. The battery life can run up to 16 hours of straight playing. You will enjoy all your favorites with a little twist.

Apple iPod shuffle 2 GB Silver Pros:

    * Up to 15 hours of audio playback on a single charge
    * Apple iPod shuffle 2 GB Silver had a strong clip
    * Voice over
    * easy to use (hooray for buttons!)
    * simple, multi-position switch on the top lets you play in order or shuffle. Voice over button is easy to use and works well.
    * Easy to sync (choose playlists, genius playlists, albums, artists, podcasts, etc…)
    * The finish is shiny, but not mirror-y. And actually, no one will care about this, but the top and bottom are matte silver.

Apple iPod shuffle 2 GB Silver Cons:

    * NO “HOLD” BUTTON means that every little tap or brush-against-your-pocket knocks your soundfile out-of-place.
    * DO NOT USE this product for an audiobook or a podcast. “Apple iPod shuffle 2 GB Silver” automatically starts you over at the beginning of the file
    * I did sync it with Itunes, which I downloaded, maybe a dozen times, but still the same message came out, but no music.
    * The Apple iPod shuffle 2 GB Silver came with absolutely no instructions.


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