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Nintendo DSi XL Bundle

The Nintendo DSi was a celebrated product at the time that it was released. This time, the newer version is the Nintendo DSi XL Bundle. Expect that you will get more features and benefits from this product. Aside from that, surprises are also in store.

This product introduces a high end device that provides a better experience than its older form. This has come with the improvement of a larger screen that will allow you to gain a much better view of what you are doing. In addition, you will have all the features that the previous variety had plus a few more. This will include the touch screen with a full control of the screen or with the help of a stylus.

Nintendo DSi XL Bundle Features:
It also has the capacity to take pictures as well as edit them there and then! This is very possible with the two digital cameras that are built in the Nintendo DSi XL bundle. Complete your multimedia encounter with music. With your device, you can play music as well as edit them by changing tempo and speed. A voice recorder is also included.

If you love the Super Mario Bros. and their game, this is the perfect item for you. This will have built-in games which will surely include those of the Super Mario brothers. You can choose which character you want to be. You can play alone or with up to 8 other players. This is especially applicable to the Mario Kart DS which is also included in the Nintendo DSi XL Bundle.

    * wide viewing angle screen.
    * Easy to hold stylus.
    * Easy start guide.
    * Touch-screen control.
    * Snap photos with the built-in camera.
    * Play back your music with Nintendo DSi Sound.
    * Browse the Internet with the Nintendo DSi Browser.
    * Preventing the transfer of games already downloaded into older systems.


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