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Why We Started GlidePath Wealth Management

We launched GlidePath Wealth Management (GWM) on Monday July 22, 2019. Please visit us at Homepage - GlidePath Wealth Management Wealth Management . Here are the top 10 reasons why we started this financial planning and investment management firm.

  1. As evidenced by their popularity, with $2 trillion and growing, target date Funds are good for investors, BUT target date Portfolios are much better.
  2. Target date mutual Funds are one-size-all and goalless. Personalized target date Portfolios are customized to individual goals and needs, and adjust to changes in those goals and needs. GWM manages target date Portfolios for individual investors.
  3. America’s 75 million Baby Boomers are in the Risk Zone, exposed to the possibility of life altering investment losses. They need risk management at this critical time. Baby Boomers need GWM.
  4. Age matters, but IRA allocations ignore this fact, with 55% in equities regardless of age. IRA investors need GWM.
  5. People are living longer, and concerned about outliving their savings. They need optimal investment and spending plans. Retirees need GWM.
  6. The World is bankrupt. Per capita world debt exceeds $200,000. Investors need protection from the ultimate consequences. They need GWM’s Central Bank Bungle Buffer, and other Special Situations guidance.
  7. Ron Surz, our CEO and CIO, is a recognized target date industry expert with 2 books, numerous articles, and more than a decade managing TDFs in 401(K)s
  8. Unlike most other advisors who use a handful of “risk willingness” investment models, GWM uses thousands of models based on both “risk willingness” and “risk capacity.” “High risk” means different things for different ages.
  9. Our network of qualified registered investment advisors provides the personal assistance that investors need.
  10. As the word “GlidePath” suggests, GWM is your pilot to where you want and need your investments to go.