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Current Performance

This is my current performance on stocks that I have mentioned and traded options strategies on them.

Currently own (NYSE:GE) April 17 calls   Bought @ 2.00 now going for 2.19. 19 dollar gain per contract

(NYSE:T) I've taken some heat on (T), but still making money on this dividend giant. I bought March 28 calls at 1.90 and now worth 2.14   Profit of 24 bucks per contract. I also have bought at many different times to average down my cost. I still like (T) and will buy more/trade on pullbacks.

(NYSE:SVU) I recommended a covered call strategy, unfortunatly my article got published on the day earnings came out. I don't currently have a position on (SVU) but this is on my watch list as a buy when the sell off is over. I recommended this strategy when the stock was at 8.20 and selling the april 9 call. If you owned shares of SVU and sold calls on your position this gave you some protection due to SVU being down over 10% on missing expectations. I'm going to be watching some support levels and seeing how this stock acts. This could be a stock to buy on a pullback, but lets wait and see.

I'm currently still going to invest in GE. My price target is 19.53

I will be also watching F, AA, KFT and QQQ