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Current Performance For Jan & Feb 2012

One of the reasons why I'm listing current performance are for readers to see if the authors put their money where their mouth is. Out of 10 articles I have written, 8 of them I have made real option plays. Out of the 8 I am currently 6/7 and only one losing trade ( I currently have 1 trade open). Here is the breakdown:

GE $15 calls = 8.1% gain
MO $27 calls = 15.89% gain
GE $16 calls=10.97% gain
T $28 calls= 4.97% gain
GE $17 calls= 6.55% gain
AA $8 calls=5% gain

PFE $19 calls 14% (Loss)

37.21% gain

Jan was a good month and Feb is looking good for now. There still is a long way to go. Another reason I'm listing gains and losses is for those of you that follow me to see how the ideas that I generate in the articles play out. So far 6 out of 7 isn't to bad. PFE was a learning lesson of buying at the right time and has pulled back more than a dollar since I wrote about it. I still like PFE, but the price action has been poor. I got out of the trade (when looking at a 1 month chart of PFE) when the stock was in the middle of the bollinger bands. I'm glad I did to avoid further losses and now the stock is in the lower part of the Bollinger bands (when viewing a one month chart) I'll get PFE back, but the time prob isn't right now.

Disclosure: I am long GE.