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Interest Rate Monitor - The highest rates for cash accounts, savings accounts, CDs, money funds and more (May, 2011)

Rate Analysis

Interest rates are mostly level this week. Fed funds futures down a trickle. Bank rates lower for liquid deposits and CDs with terms less than two years. Money fund yields are now forecast to drop even lower in 2Q as fund companies recover subsidies. 10-year T-Bill to close over 3.50% by June 30 according to several leading economists.

Cash Rates

Money market fund
- Flex-funds money market fund, 0.12%, rates

Money market fund - Paypal money market fund, 0.07%, rates

Tax-exempt money market fund - Vanguard Tax-Exempt MMF 0.05% rates

Bank money market account - BankOn 1.15% APY, rates

Bank savings account - SmartyPig, 1.35%, rates 

Bank online checking account - Incredible Bank, 1.21% APY, rates

Bank 90-day CD
- The Palladian Bank, 0.90% APY, rates

Bank 180-day CD - Aurora Bank, 1.07% APY, rates

Bank 1-year CD
- Doral Bank Direct, 1.40% APY, rates 

Bank 2-year CD
- MetLife Bank 1.55% APY, rates

Bank 5-year CD
- Tennessee Commerce Bank, 2.65% APY, rates

Series I bonds: 4.60%

Series EE bonds: 1.10%

Short-term government bond fund - Wells Fargo Advantage Short Duration Government Bond, 2.68% SEC yield, more

Tax-exempt short term government bond fund - Vanguard Short-Term tax Exempt Government, 0.76% SEC yield, more


Prime rate: 3.25%
Federal funds rate: 0% - 0.25%
Federal funds future implied yield (6-month): 0.20%
Federal funds future implied yield (1-year): 0.47% 1-year CD average: 0.99%
1-year Treasury bill: 0.22%
5-year Treasury note
: 1.97%
10-year Treasury note: 3.32%

Foreign Prime Rates

Canada 3.00%
Germany 1.25%
Japan 1.48%
Switzerland 0.54%
Britian 0.50%

Central Bank Rates

United States 0.25%
European Union 1.00%
United Kingdom 1.25%
China 6.31%


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