Split Share Income Factory Update #27

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My interest at this time is in the income factory approach to dividend stocks written about by Steven Bavaria.  I agree with his view that such an investor will have less concern for "how much the market values each factory or machine, as long as it keeps working".

Due to real estate, my portfolio is already heavily weighted towards equity (the asset rich, cash poor scenario), so I am looking to dividend paying stocks to increase the income side.

Based in Canada, I am interested in Canadian REITs and other high yielding stocks.  The approach taken by Buyandhold 2012 (never sell) is encouraging, although I will hold primarily for income rather than for appreciation.  This way, I won't be bothered by price fluctuation.  As long as the dividends keep coming, I will consider it a successful buy.

In terms of weighting, I am currently pursuing an income weighted portfolio so that if one income machine sputters, it won't have a significant effect on the result.


  • This Week's Prices and % Off the Low.
  • This Week's Buy: PRM @ $12.33.
  • Income Up 2.81 %, Portfolio Up $1,352.00.

This Week's Prices and % off the Low

Split Share Buy List January 4, 2019After January 4, 2019 BuyFor full details, see Income Factory Portfolio Update #27

Disclosure: I am/we are long CNDCF, DVSPF, DDWWF, FNNCF, FNCSF, LFBCF, TDBSF, PRRMF.

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