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AJ Discala, Broadsmoore CEO, On Ways to Motivate Investors

Motivating investors is important both for companies and shareholders. AJ Discala CEO of The Broadsmoore Group, believes that common sense is critical to stock market success. To him, common sense says investors must return to the basics of sustainable investing and know about their clients and counterparty.

AJ Discala CEO looks forward to bringing long-term sustainability to Wall Street. His main idea is to reinstate investor confidence and motivate investors by giving them an insider view of the financial market. Investors should not fear the current liquidity crisis; they should look forward to investing. Discala believes that translating financial jargon to plain English allows advisors to connect better with investors. Simplicity and common sense are the roads to success in the financial market, and that is exactly what Discala teaches to his employees and colleagues, investors and shareholders.

Every financial transaction initiated by AJ Discala CEO is transparent and has some humanitarian value attached to it. Both the party and the counterparty are aware of each other and there is full verification and validation to maintain clear and honest transactions. The main issues dealt by Discala include providing liquidity to investors, reducing fraud and corruption, as well as creating jobs and opportunities for people to engage in socially beneficial objectives. 

The core philosophy of The Broadsmoore Group is to return to basics and strategically partner with only those companies who maintain a socially responsible environment. His role as the CEO of the Broadsmoore Group is to assist its strategic partners and support humanitarian causes. The mission of the group is to assist partners to enter into different business opportunities, by providing them with capital, liquidity generation and overall growth. 

With these strong ideals in place, AJ Discala CEO plans to leverage a network of high net individuals, family offices and investors to connect with strong companies who approach business with an emphasis on social responsibility. The main idea is to create a safe financial market that allows investors to freely invest in different companies without worrying about the returns.

The vision of AJ Discala CEO is to create a secure financial market where the client needs are given utmost priority and this in turn creates a stable financial market. The global economic crisis that began in 2008 has plagued the financial market and most investors are understandably reluctant to invest. It is Discala who motivates investors to understand the financial market and the potential companies where they can invest without significant risk. The road to success in the financial market is to invest in healthy opportunities and share the benefits.   

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