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Views of AJ Discala, Philanthropist

AJ Discala and the principles of The Broadsmoore Group created sibling company To Be Giving Foundation as a way to institutionalize and maximize the impact of their charitable initiatives. The foundation empowers their peers, friends and families to improve the lives of disadvantaged members of our communities. “If we’re making money,” says Discala, “we should be giving money. Especially as Broadsmoore expands our operations, opening offices in Florida, California, and Pennsylvania this quarter, we think it’s important for us to simultaneously expand the impact of our giving.”

As a philanthropist, Broadsmoore CEO AJ Discala is able to transfer his deep knowledge of structuring financial transactions to organizing and funding charitable initiatives. Just as he is able to carve out the most profitable course of action and galvanize support for the corresponding boardroom decisions, Discala can expertly identify the most impactful approaches for non-profit organizations and community leader, and collect the resources necessary to drive them to execution.

Though Discala has been committed to philanthropy since he was young, his commitment to social responsibility was renewed in 2008. “After the downturn,” says Discala, “it’s easier to see that material things are close to the bottom of the barrel in terms of importance. I’d much rather go to sleep at night being a giver than a taker.”