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CEO AJ Discala Describes Objectives Of To Be Giving Foundation

Philanthropy is a human characteristic that grows through practice and intention. We all have an innate respect and caring for humanity. Through the course of our lives, this trait can be fostered or sit idle. A meaningful, purpose-driven life is one that fosters this innate human trait. Particularly on traditional Wall Street, we can feel alienated from our desire to care about people and just focus on profit. To counteract the distance from compassion, AJ Discala and The Broadsmoore Group have launched To Be Giving Foundation, a charitable arm of their investment advisory and merchant banking firm.

Philanthropy does not just mean donating material and financial donations. According to AJ Discala To Be Giving provide peace and prosperity to his fellow human beings through supporting humanitarian initiatives and non-profit organizations – with funds and guidance. Through this foundation, Discala hopes to inspire and enable others to engage in acts of kindness that will better the lives of our community’s underprivileged members. It is his passion and willingness to serve others that shows in the work that he has already accomplished.

Discala believes that Broadsmoore and To Be Giving can serve as a model for others to emulate. Recently, the Broadsmoore Group contributed $100,000 to the To Be Giving Foundation’s humanitarian initiatives. With AJ Discala To Be Giving has turned into the charitable arm of the Broadsmoore Group. This organization is committed to supporting humanitarian objectives and providing various non-profit organizations with support to align with the firm’s core objectives.

With AJ Discala To Be Giving aims to support community leaders who have a passion for execution. The first donation of $100,000 was to help community leaders to sustain charitable initiatives. The organization aims to provide money as well as mentorship to communities that need help. Discala’s experience, training and knowledge gained in life encouraged him to provide help to those who are in need irrespective of the physical locations they belong to. He has acquired and operated various other businesses and all these experiences have helped him set the foundation for the To Be Giving Foundation.

Discala believes that contributing to those who deserve to helped gives you the provide value and joy that helps life to be more meaningful. It gives you the privilege to work harder on your philanthropic activities and help people in need.