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AJ Discala Believes In Making A Difference

Since its inception in 2011, Omniview Capital Advisors has maintained a commitment to charitable organizations and initiatives. In alignment with this core commitment, Omniview Capital Advisors CEO AJ Discala launched a charitable arm to Omniview Capital Advisors called the Discala-Gianatasio Foundation in early 2011. A 501(c)(3) organization, Discala-Gianatasio Foundation is committed to supporting humanitarian initiatives and non-profit organizations that are aligned with the firm's core values.

"We believe that high net worth individuals want to make a difference as much as they want to make a profit," says Omniview Capital Advisors CEO and Discala-Gianatasio Foundation co-chairman AJ Discala. "There is a race of good and evil in this world. If the good don't come together, we're all fighting for naught; we're at a pivotal time when our country and world are at great risk."

Serving as a positive influence in the communities where Omniview Capital Advisors operates, the Discala-Gianatasio Foundation provides a springboard to opportunity, achievement and development. AJ Discala believes that Discala-Gianatasio Foundation is the first step in changing the way the American people view and interact with Wall Street. Common conceptions of Wall Street revolve around greed and the idea the people can be "taken" by corrupt firms. The Discala-Gianatasio Foundation takes action to show that companies on the Street are starting to give back.

The Omniview Capital Advisors has committed to contribute 10 percent of its annual net profits towards Discala-Gianatasio Foundation. The Foundation also welcomes additional donations, which enable individuals and organizations to support meaningful causes with confidence; one hundred percent of outside donations will be directed to the selected charities.

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