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Bad New Worldwide

To paraphrase a classic statement from Yogi Berra: “Is this “déjà vu all over again?” The world was in terrible shape in the late 1970’s and today we seem to have crises of even greater proportions. The Euro is on the verge of collapse and no one is certain if the European alliance can be held together. European leaders have postponed any action for another week and the world economy is left to wait and wonder. This sounds very familiar to the American public that just saw its own super committee fail miserably. Not only do we have a substantial world currency on the brink of collapse, today there is a major strike in Britain and yesterday the British embassy was invaded in Iran. There’s no good news, unless you are a Mets fan and think Bobby Valentine will be coming to Boston to save the day.

Perhaps the Euro was not such a great idea and we will see pesetas, francs, drachma and lira back on the scene as governments try to get their own economies back on track. As we have said many times, there is a crisis of confidence worldwide. Leaders must lead and lenders must lend if we are to dig ourselves out of this political and economic morass. Opportunities abound in new technology and bread and butter jobs in consumer products that should now be brought back home to our own shores.  It is those opportunities that The Broadsmoore Group has sought out and gives us some measure of optimism for the American economy of the future,” said AJ Discala, CEO of The Broadsmoore Group.