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Election Year Ahead- Tax Cut

"One of the items we can expect in an election is year is tax cut proposals. The race will now be on to see which party can cut the most to grow voter interest. The Obama administration is out today with a proposed corporate tax cut

from 35 % to 28 % and manufacturers would pay no more than %25 . Oil and gas companies would lose a lot of their current deductions. It is very unclear how this will fly, but we can be sure the opposition will say that this is not enough and

that it will be unfair to the energy sector. Of course there would be tax increases as well under this proposal and that is certain to cause an outcry form many who do not believe any taxes should be raised even on the most wealthy.

The simple fact is that we must get the economy moving aggressively and we hope that through a healthy debate, both sides will get to a tax proposal that will work. We just saw the miracle of both sides agreeing to the payroll tax cut

and perhaps there is some hope for future agreements on a tax overhaul.

Big retailers have seen healthy gains last month and hopefully that means consumer confidence is gaining. At The Broadsmoore Group we have seen a resurgence in the Gulf states with hiring at EmployUs and the many doors opening for

solid wage paying jobs that will speed that regions recovery. We hope that those successes can be duplicated in other locations, and The Broadsmoore Group will look for those opportunities to invest in the nation's future, " said AJ Discala, CEO The Broadsmoore Group.

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