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Carbon Black and its uses

|Includes: Asia Carbon Industries, Inc. (ACRB), CBT
Carbon black is a deep, black powder with a number of applications. Coming from the controlled combustion of coal tar or residual oil feedstock, carbon black’s desirable chemical properties are used across many industry's.  It is widely used within the rubber industry as a reinforcing filler; the paint and coating industry use carbon black for coloring and it is highly conductive for use in batteries.  Most carbon black is used by the tire industry. It helps to keep wear and tear down, improves the rubber's strength, and adds to the life span of the tire.  

With the auto industry working on improving the longevity of its products, this seems to be a good play in the market.  The only companies I have come across are Cabot Corp (NYSE:CBT) and Asia Carbon Industries (OTCPK:ACRB). While ACRB has limited volume, it seems as though once it gets some traders interested it will run. 

If anyone knows of any other carbon black manufacturers, please let me know! I'm trying to keep an eye on this industry and think it could pay off over the next few years!