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Amarin Up 350+%

|Includes: Amarin Corporation PLC (AMRN)

Current share price for Amarin is a shocking $5.31 ( July 2013)

I am pretty happy with that stock price as 5 years ago it was $1.37. The average volume used to be 60,000 share and we boomed up one day with 400,00 shares. Currently a poor day is 7 million shares and average daily is more like 20 million shares. How things have improved..... slow and steady goals are attained and the company progresses.

Last night there was a Q2 results conference call from Management at 10:30pm Local time and it set out the situation for Amarin from the view of the management. I listened to it live and then went to bed. I woke and reviewed the call again and still feel it was a strong call.

I do not expect management to jump up and down and claim they are a wonder drug. I have been to many AGMs by various companies and realise real life is not like that. These are professional business men. They are not our friends or squash partners. They owe us nothing. They want to run their company and get it to a final goal in a time frame decided by them or the process they are involved in. Having only one stock in the Biopharmaceutical industry i am shocked as to how long that process is. I am aware though that there is nothing that can be done to rush it. Comply with the regulations imposed or fail. The call implies that Amarin are taking this process very seriously and the FDA are aware of that.

It would seem that the company sees no blockages between now and the FDA decision. What will the FDA decide? If you take the efficacy and safety profile of Vascepa versus the other FDA approved and OTC items there is no reason why it should not be approved.

Assume that it gets approval, what happens then. Joe doesn't seem concerned. The current process (The five points of light) is to set the company up with a strong foundation for Go it alone and if no buy out comes then shareholders still make money.

I am long in this company and I am also not near retirement so have no rush on a return. I believe the company is going to do well in the long term but would be really happy if it was bought out after FDA approval.

I have purposely not looked into the stats of the conference call. I might get to that in another blog. Then again I might let someone else with more time do it.....



PS for other info look at recent comments posted since April... although most have been in the conference call.

Disclosure: I am long AMRN.

Additional disclosure: My disclosure is based on my opinion only and relevant information taken from conference call and various other sources of information. It has no importance in you making a decision to invest your money in AMRN or not.