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|Includes: iShares Silver Trust ETF (SLV)

To all the silver yeas an nays........ It is clear that the Big Firms had to attack silver and say it was the anti-Christ. Not them.......   It took 4 margin hikes in a week among dozens of firms to smack it down,but, truth be told silver will recover.

Watching it this morning I see that SLV actually hit par with the spot price.  WOW........

With all that pain this week there is still the faithful brave bunch !

I just returned form town and bought back 2 bags of coins and 15 ..10 once bars I sold last week at $ 49.17 spot.  And, today the lady would have thrown in a bracelet and taken us to lunch....... Silver was at $ 33.57 spot just like I wrote about on this site's SLV article post.

I even bought SLV and made $ 1.10 on 500 shares on my first EVER day trade. I understand why so many people were doing it. The only bad thing is that sale proceed is now dead for 4 days at Scottrade. SLV shouldn't have gone up with the spot price down ,but, hey........ Silver lovers love silver and the fundamentals are still intact......

Well, I had bad mouthed Big Ben at the Fed ,but, he looks like the second coming now claiming commodities were up temporarily...........

He is the king of the FIAT world created by Mr Nixon and the entire world should bow to him until the US dollar isn't the world currency.

Then Glenn Beck will be the worlds hero and gold an silver will be the currency again.......  Bless all of you as I got most of my silver back. As I said before the last time silver hit 50 I road my bike to town an sold my coin collection. The next time it hits 50 I will not sell........................ chao from Panama .. golfitobob