May 13, 2011 8:59 AM ET
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Not much to tell. Born in NY, NY in 1955 and at age 7 my Jewish dad thought I should go with him to the brokerage house. Not tee ball or pop warner football. Such is life. All I know is the market for 49 years and am now retired at 53 ( now 56) and 3 years living in Panama an 5 before in Costa Rica is good. A 26 year old tica wife also is good. I have national medical insurance for 12 bucks a month in Costa Rica and private coverage in Panama at a great hospital........ Prices are 60 to 70% cheaper than the US and today I paid my yearly car insurance for $ 115.28.......... What more does a current bio need. Self employed 35 years and opened 5 businesses and sold all 5.. With good internet a news junkie I am. A little Bloomberg; CNBC, Fox an CNN business........ Plus living outside the US gives a clearer picture.

I just put the last 3rd of SLV up for $ 36.10........ Lets see if I can get a 3 point move on this bunch an go into the weekend with just the real stuff with an average cost of almost nothing........ If it doesn't make it I'll click at the market and exit in mid afternoon.

I am a tiny little retired entity leading a group of ex-pats ....... 
We spent the entire market collapse in FAX enjoying a great monthly yield plus a 50% gain and now were into silver..........

I have listened to the diversification stuff for 50 years. Buy good stuff an hold....


Poppy crap........ Diversification means to me........ Hey idiot. We want lots of commissions not one or two and all those good safe stocks like AIG : C, MSFT, INTC, Oracle ,BofA and the like........ When will they come back..

Citi just did a reverse split and there under 40 as I write this........ Boy did Sandy W an his daughter do a good job............  ha ha ha ha



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