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Oil and possible war

This is an email from the Jerusalem Prayer Team ,but, it is the warning I have commented about here for months on S A...  Read it or don't at your peril !

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For the past few weeks, I have been hearing from high-level sources in Jerusalem that the nation of Israel is preparing for war. The belief is that once the UN vote takes place on a unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital city, war will break out. Israel is preparing to be attacked by its neighbors—not only the Palestinian terrorists of Hamas and Fatah, but Hezbollah, armed and funded by Syria and Lebanon, and perhaps even troops from Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, and Iran as well.

The enemies of Israel are encouraged by the lack of support from America and the Obama Administration for the Jewish state, and they believe this is their moment to accomplish their long-held goal to destroy Israel. I was in the Holy Land during the last outbreak of war. I held weeping survivors in my arms and comforted them and prayed with young soldiers before they went into battle. I was there as your ambassador to help the Jewish people in their time of great need. I know firsthand what an awful tragedy a new round of war will bring.

My sources indicate that public support expressed by the Arab League for UN recognition of Palestine poses a grave risk because of the leverage of the oil nations over Europe. Europe imports most of its oil, and in addition, the vast oil wealth of the Arab Gulf states is coveted by the European Union to help them survive their current financial crisis. The threat Israel faces is not just a meaningless UN vote; it is a life and death struggle for survival..And Israel's enemies are focused and fully committed to their evil plan.

Israel won't go quietly !!!!!!!!!!! They got the bomb and all oil there won't be used for a LOGN while !  "IF"