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The "MARKET" and the UN vote on 2 States in Israel

Underpublicized Threat Deep in White House

Posted on August 28, 2011 by Conservative Byte

Infiltration of the federal government by members of the radical Muslim Brotherhood is worse than some have warned recently, says a former FBI special agent in Washington.

The agent confirmed that at least three operatives of the Egypt-based Brotherhood – whose credo is “Jihad is our way and death in the cause of Allah is our dream” – have penetrated the Obama administration.

The shocking charge was first leveled by Muslim reformer Tarek Fatah during a recent speech in Toronto.

“When someone says that there is penetration of jihad Islamists within society, do not dismiss it as some right-wing, xenophobic, racist rant,” warned Fatah, a Canadian journalist

Obama may not veto the vote ! Israel losses by a landslide and a severe outbreak or war breaks out !  With a vote the US won't go against the UN and help Israel and the Middle East ight be destroyed. Israel WILL NOT SURRENDER THE TEMPLE MOUNT !!!!!!!!!!!   Masada  again !

If the US veto's the vote the Arabs who are more divided then the Rep an Dem's unite and a new 7 DAY WAR begins and this time the US helps Israel.

Then the Arabs an OPEC break with the US and the US dollar "reserve" won't be accepted and they will join the BRICs and demand the SDR basket go to 8 currencies and the dollar drops from 43% of the basket to 12% and poof. The world will set the exchange and the US dollar might lose 50% overnight.

Ben and Krugman get there wish as dollar is pummeled and after the dust storm clears the US can export and China can't keep there peg AND, the Chinese will be forced to buy US treasuries in amounts so large that the 10 year yield will be 0 to 1/4% as the FED now charges at the window.........

Now the US debt gets cut in half as it is now half it's value........A war that will work better than fighting it......................weeeeeeeeeee

OWN gold and land and any hard assets or commodities..........

Then erect a statue of Glenn Beck at the WH........................oh joy,  gb