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Current events in Israel and leading to the UN vote. Don't be long stocks !

Major wave of terror sweeps across Israel
Dear Gofitobob,

Over the past two weeks, a major wave of terror has swept over the nation of Israel. At least ten Jews have been killed and dozens more injured in a series of carefully planned and coordinated terrorist attacks. In addition, the Palestinian terrorists in Gaza have dramatically increased their rocket, missile, and mortar attacks on Israel. Perhaps most disturbing of all, Egypt appears to be allowing (if not outright helping) these attacks. The most deadly attack—the one that hit a bus with an anti-tank missile—was carried out by terrorists who came into Israel not from Gaza, but from the Sinai border controlled by Egyptian forces.

Keep in mind that the creation of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital would place these terrorists a few feet away from Israel. In addition to being a direct attack on God’s prophetic word, and creating an economic and humanitarian crisis in Israel, the plan supported by the Obama Administration and UN would place every Jew living in Israel in even greater immediate and imminent danger of death from terrorist attack. We must do all we can to stop this plan from succeeding.

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