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Did Obama send Clintons bag man to hurt Israel and make them leave Jerusalem ?

Clinton Aide behind Protests against Netanyahu
Dear Golfitobob,

News reports surfaced over the weekend that former top Clinton strategist Stan Greenberg has been working to coordinate and grow the protests against the Netanyahu government in Israel. It is unclear whether this effort is being directly supported by the Obama Administration. This is a repeat of events from the late 1990’s when President Clinton sent his strategists, including Greenberg to Israel to work on the election campaign of Ehud Barak in an ultimately successful effort to end the first term of Benjamin Netanyahu as prime minister.

The Obama Administration has made no secret of their contempt and frustration with my old friend’s refusal to give up control of Jerusalem and the Bible lands of Judea and Samaria to Israel’s sworn enemies. They would be delighted to see Netanyahu replaced by a more “reasonable” leader who would make such damaging and dangerous concessions. Today America is becoming an enemy of Israel rather than a friend—and the implications of that are frightening to anyone who knows the Word of God.

Will Israel survive Obama ?  If they don't the US dies......    gb