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Market outlook for 2012.......Negative.. TA be dammed !

Hey, I am a poor writer, so, i am posting a CNBC article that says what I see.

I see the recent actions of Ben and other banks as a desperate attempt to stop a European bank crash and a US tumble as well............ I am shocked Congress didn't stand up and scream !!!!!!!  Last time it took a law suti by Bloomberg and this time he just did it publickly ! Debt be dammed ! What is another trillion or so !

All the expected US corporate things like buybacks and takeovers are going on at a fast pace and the political situation is not getting better. The JOLTS survey shows that a million new jobs would only negate 3 weeks of current job losses and if they do something it would be a good time to sell into a rally !

 All the Obama plans are paying for things in the future and no guarantee that they will get paid as the forecasts are too rosy...

As a Republican I can tell you as of 9/16 we have no credible candidate and even with double digit unemployment and more Gov. handouts Barry will live rent free 5 more years,so, no hope there.........

If your not into trading the ups an downs.......Get out or be short !         gb