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Invest Panama..........(.really) World's Best .All Around Offshore Haven

I live here ,but, just got this email and want to share it. I already know as do all the mega rich in the US with "foundations"

The World’s Best, All-Around
                      Offshore Haven

Bob Bauman JD, Legal Counsel, The Sovereign Society

Dear  Sovereign Investor,

I’ve just returned from a week-long trip to the Republic of Panama.  Even though the tiny Latin American country is still a hotbed of domestic political  maneuvering, the Panama economic boom goes on.

Let me explain...

The government of Panama, headed by millionaire grocery store magnate,  Ricardo Martinelli, is in a state of mild, political semi-chaos that is far from  impressive but very entertaining for locals.

Minus the sex scandals, el presidente Martinelli, since his  election in May 2009, has proven to be every bit as headstrong,  rambunctious and newsworthy as Italy’s beleaguered leader, Silvio Berlusconi.

And that’s not all bad...

Martinelli won an unprecedented 50%  of the votes in 2009 in a 3-way race, but now locals have differing opinions.  The man in the street, Miguel, my driver from Tocumen Airport, says, “He’s no worse than the others; in some ways  better.”

At Panama City watering holes, like  the new ground-floor bar at the Intercontinental Miramar, or the modernistic, W-style Le  Meridien just off teeming eight land Avenida Balboa, the word for Martinelli is “controversial”...  but “he gets things done.”

One long-time dual  Panamanian/Canadian resident says, “The  trouble is he thinks he can run Panama like his Super 66 grocery chain.  Government here doesn’t move that fast.” 

The political scene is very familiar if you know Panama’s history, both  recent and ancient. But this political circus pales in  comparison to the country’s continuing economic boom...