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After 50 market years I want to share my last thread comment. Read it or lose $s

This was on a Greece default article by Mr Roach. SA eco # 1, but , I digressed!

Up with the German FM down with Merkal.........I have warned the pond is a short swim and the CDS boys crushed MS. And, how many comments on threads can I write concerning the banks . 4 months warning on both sides of the ponds.

Yes,I am patting my butt...Yes !But, I can't write well and get groovy comments on SA. However, I can make or save my buddies money..

Europe must implode and Greece must print to survive as their GDP will never be large enough to make even the defaulted re-fi payment.

So on day 1 on SA I posted my sale of TBT at 41 and go to TLT ASAP until TBT hit 20 or lower......... Was spot on. 1/2 a dozen more big calls all boomers and new highs all year for me. And, yesterday again.

Now, we see Euro banks down 50% and begging the Fed for $s. Who really knows what Ben is doing, Took 2 years of Bloomberg an Fox's law suit to find out the mega dollars he gave them..

DAX an CAC are down 20% and UK down 13% now in 2011and were going there. All the 99% of green shoot pundits saying 77% of last 1/4 is historically up will be wrong.......

Yes US corps are cash rich ,but, to grow they must gobble up the little fish and that means more job contraction. Or buybacks to keep earnings up ,but, there is no growth in that. Finally high tech symbols got there comings and even the tablet world will get so crowded that AAPL and AMZN will soon here the b/s ers saying holy cow.. There is competition for them.. Asia is pumping out great stuff 75% cheaper.

Be in all cash and use 3X ETFs... SHORT... Short term on any rallies and enjoy making money... Just use TIGHT stops. Catch the wind and you can make 3 to 10 % in a day and out. The tight stop I use is 20 cents on 500 share lots an 30 cents on 300 share lots. I risk 100 bucks ! So, I get nice gains and out or lose 100 an out ,but, I sleep well as I go back to cash.....

TA and fundamental analysis doesn't matter. We are a headline driven world and the faster your internet speed the more you make. I may not be a rocket scientist ,but, I watched 60 Minutes do a segment on computer trading and it clicked. Yesterday they did a hedge fund segment on Bloomberg and it seems the humans at the big funds are losing more than the computer trades are making and that is why there down.........dahhhhh The computers are 70% of the current market volume and this years volume is at record lows. 600,000,000 /day. 1/2 of years past and only recently has gone to 750/day recently as the market fear is sending the boomers to exit.

Me ! I am tired of reading all these well written comments by brilliant authors saying diversify. As everything goes when markets go down and the ONLY thing your can't get back is TIME... Sounds like the Vegas bookies saying bet again and again an soon the odds will let you win. All the while they take the vig and brokers get the commissions.

I watch the Bloomberg best # 1's on t/v saying there telling the clients to sit tight and enjoy the dividends. As where can they go. Most of these clients are boomers and scared shitless. Now the hedge guys are getting redemption calls and they must dump and Mutual's have seen large outflows too.

The DOW is flat for 10 years now and up a tiny 3% now this year. A 20% drop from here would be an easy feet to equal Europe. And, with housing problematic an prices down; employment surveys like the JOLTS showing good paying private jobs going away in big numbers........Beware.

Again, Greece will be a glimpse of what the USA will go through. Soon.. And I don't want all my new blog buddies to go away..................... gb
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