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The Palestinians want all of Israel ! not 2 States ! look at the website.

The Palestinians want ALL of Israel
Dear Golfitobob,

The threat posed to Israel by the demand for a Palestinian state is much worse than what is being reported by the news media. The actual submission for statehood that was presented to the UN last week does not reference the 1967 borders (which would be a disaster for Israel)…instead it references the 1948 borders. This would force Israel to relocate millions of its citizens, give up the airport at Tel Aviv, and of course, surrender complete control of all of Jerusalem.

But even that is not the Palestinians’ true intention. Take a look at the logo below from the official Palestinian mission to the United Nations. Look carefully at the green area in the center of the page—it includes ALL of Israel. The enemies of the Jewish state will never rest until Israel is destroyed. They may make promises of peace in exchange for some land now, but it is only a ploy to give them time to get what they truly want.