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November 11, 2011 is the day the UN will vote. Israel must be ready. The US market must be ready. The world must be ready ! Iran is !

Security Council Palestinian statehood vote set
for November 11
Dear Golfitobob,

The United Nations Security Council has scheduled a meeting for November 11, and sources indicate the resolution for Palestinian statehood will likely be voted on that day. Though the US has threatened to veto the measure, the Palestinians hope to get the nine votes necessary for approval, forcing the U.S. to step in to stop it. Currently eight of the nine countries needed have declared support for the measure.

My sources in Israel fear that a US veto will be the trigger for a new outbreak of violence and perhaps even full-scale war. Iran has spent hundreds of millions arming Hezbollah and Hamas with advanced weapons to use against the Jewish state. The mullahs of Tehran believe that if they can tie Israel down with domestic terror attacks, Israel will be hindered from attacking to stop their nuclear weapons program from being completed. Israel’s army is on heightened alert, and intensive training to prepare for this expected round of attacks continues. The threat is more serious than ever, and we must stand with the Jewish people right now