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Iran & Israel at each others throats,but, that is Iran's smokescreen ! Lebanon !

Hezbollah ready to fire ten thousand rockets
in one day
Dear Golfitobob,

Specially trained teams of Hezbollah terrorists have been sent to Iran for logistical training to allow them to use the hundreds of millions of dollars in missiles, rockets, and other weapons Iran has provided to them. They boast of being able to fire ten thousand missiles at pre-selected targets inside Israel in one day. In addition to striking military targets like airfields and bases, they are expected to launch attacks against oil refineries and civilian population centers as well. This planned outbreak of violence could be released at any moment on Iran’s command, but even now rocket and missile attacks on Israel are a daily occurrence—and they are growing ever more frequent.

The continued escalation of violent terror attacks on Jewish civilians and the launch of dozens of rockets and missiles underlined the seriousness of the threat Israel faces today. The physical, mental, and emotional toll of such attacks is great. 

                                                                                                           Mike E.