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World @ UN makes Iran nuke noise,but, thats all it is ! China & Russia will not allow any real moves ! Israel all alone with UN lip service an Iran knows this !

Defense Min. Barak on Charlie Rose won't answer the what if's after a Israeli strike ! Talks about UN an major players an how they could use powerful sanctions to close Iran off to all,but, says China an Russia will not go along in the end !

Israel is trapped as the only chance they can get to that site is via nuke tipped missiles an will she be only the second country in world history to use nuclear weapons in anger ! Like the US ! And, if those missiles are shot down by the Russian anti- patriot like systems where will that nuclear material go ?

Only the US has the ability to fly above those defenses an take out that site ,but, will not .

Prey for Israel and know if the stuff hits the fan the world economy will surely feel the pain !                                                                                            gb