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Are you a good investor? then why are you still paying 2.7% more for gas at the pump?

You’ve probably never noticed it, or perhaps you’ve never paid enough attention to it, but every time you visit a gas station your investment skills are being tested. If you decide to pay with a credit or debit card you are usually paying 2,7% more than you should, because the cash price is different than the credit/debit card price.

Gas stations do this in order to subsidize the interchange fee from credit card companies, in other words they are passing that cost on to you. The average credit/debit card price is 10 ¢ more than the cash price per gallon, so if you take the price today of $3.69, a 10 ¢ overcharge represents 2.7% more than the actual cost.

The next time you face the pump remember that you are a good investor, combined that with other savings, you will be surprised at how good investor you can become. Here are some tips to maximize your benefits at the pump