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Trader Co-Pilot

|Includes: GLD, SPDR S&P 500 Trust ETF (SPY), TLT, USO

If you are watching the screen all day and need to have a strong opinion on markets we'd suggest giving PRO TRADER a shot.

Trader Co-Pilot

As a trader, analyst, and portfolio manager my entire career one of my best skills was co-pilot. I personally sat next to and helped guide 9 and 10 figure investors (I had to write that out to see how many zeros.) The best traders have an army around them and I was part of that army.

When I went off on my own I needed to be the pilot but needed a good co-pilot. Without a good co-pilot, it's much more difficult.

In my career through all the various iterations, hedge fund, analyst, PM, prop trader, etc, I always dreamed of doing a service like this PRO TRADER.

How many people out there get snagged by the same mistakes or the same pitfalls that everybody else makes.

Everybody thinks they're the only one but everybody is making similar mistakes.

Trading alone opens a trader up to those pitfalls.

A huge percent of those pitfalls can go away if you trade with another human being that can help you stay honest with yourself.

Another human being can help you focus on how you win and avoid how you lose.

Another human being focused on trading can help another human being-trader stay disciplined.

That's our intention and one reason we built Pro Trader.


The other reason is performance.

We have two main calls each day: A daily call and a multi-week call.

The daily helps catch multi-day market moves.

The multi-week is just that, more for medium term traders.

As co-pilot we hope to help you stay disciplined to avoid mistakes but as important, be positioned in the right direction for market moves.

We just launched the daily mid-January 2017. Performance through yesterday's close:


Depends On The Trader

Based on my personality I am focused on the daily because I need to be in the right direction and hate when things go against me.

Others need more of a medium term plan to lean on which is the multi-week.

We've backtested all of these with strong performance over multiple years. That said, what matters is actual performance. We believe and hope we are early on in building that performance.

Your Co-Pilot

We would love the honor to work with you and be your co-pilot.

We take the title very seriously and we know how important that role is. We know we can help you improve your skills and we believe we can help your performance.

There are traders that have used the service that have grown immensely not only on what direction to trade, but also:

*How to think about markets

*When to get out

*How to backtest

*What of your own signals works for your personality

*Creating a simplified process

*Narrowing down the decision process to the one or two things that works best for you

*Getting rid of a lot of noise.

*Learning about "action" along with the news

*And many other core aspects and nuances of trading

Frankly we don't know what we know. The more we interact with our PRO TRADER subscribers the more we discover the wealth of knowledge we've gained through the years. We're excited to share it with our subscriber/members. That's the point of the service, one of them anyway.

The public reports on SA are all about macro and fundamentals. PRO TRADER is more bare bones direction and trading.

We know we're not always going to be in the correct direction of various markets. We've been wrong of course.

We've seen that some of the best people we worked for who made oodles were right under 50% of the time. They know when to get out and when to get big.

We aren't going to be right all the time (although we'll try). Our wealth of knowledge is a huge asset as co-pilot to anybody who is serious about trading, improving and winning.

If you have questions you can direct message us. If you want to speak to understand the process, we'd be happy to.

If you want to see more about the service click here.

Thanks for listening and wishing you the best of luck trading.

Hope this helped.

Chaim Siegel

Elazar Advisors, LLC

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Past performance is not a predictor of future performance.

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