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How Superior is the Lithium-Ion SuperPolymer Battery?

|Includes: Electrovaya Inc. (EFLVF)

Electrovaya (TSX: EFL.TO, OTC: EFLVF.PK) is based in Mississauga, Ontario and has over 150 global patents on its Lithium-Ion SuperPolymer Battery Technology.  I was curious as to question what made this battery so special?

So I performed some in-depth research, while warning readers that science was never my strength but I’ll still be communicating what I found and learned.  This battery uses a nano-structured platform SuperPolymer technology, separating the anode and cathode of the battery.  More importantly, this gives superior energy density than a conventional lithium-ion battery and providing a faster and more efficient transport of lithium.  This advantage of storing more energy in a smaller space would allow the battery to have a balanced optimization of both power density (W/Kg) and Energy Density (Wh/Kg).


How much better is that?  It’s believed that Electrovaya’s MN-series batteries provides 170 to 210 (Wh/kg), much higher than standard lithium-ion batteries, which only has a density of 150 to 200 (Wh/Kg).  This is from the special chemistry of lithiated manganese material, offering as much 50% more energy density.  At peak power, their known to even provide up to 2000 W/Kg for 10 seconds.  In terms of cycles, and calendar life it can provide greater than 1000 cycles @ 100% depth of discharge to 80% capacity with a life of over 7 tears in calendar life.  At the least, it can provide 9700 cycles @ 50% depth of discharge to 80% capacity.

So I think as much as that the current limiting factor for electric vehicles is batteries (and providing lower than desired range for skeptics), innovations like these can improve things further along steadily for the industry.

The company has agreements and partnered with some prominent names in the Automotive industry,  including Chrysler, Tata Motors,  and Phoenix Motorcars of California.  Would be interesting to see how this innovations plays out.